2022, Publikationen

Vladimir Kolosov, Jacobo García-Álvarez, Michael Heffernan, Bruno Schelhaas (eds.) (2022): A Geographical Century. Essays for the Centenary of the International Geographical Union. Springer: Cham.

This volume of specially commissioned interpretative essays marks the centenary of the establishment of the International Geographical Union in 1922. Written by leading human and physical geographers from all parts of the world, A Geographical Century considers the history and present condition of geography as an international science.

Based on the latest research, A Geographical Century provides new and critical analyses of the different forms of geographical internationalism that emerged during the 20th century; the changing relations between geography and cognate disciplines in the natural and social sciences; the geopolitics of international geographical collaboration; and the prospects of geography as a 21st century international science.

  • Offers new international perspectives on the last 100 years of geography, highlighting its global significance.
  • Assesses the impact of the International Geographical Union on the past, present and future of geography.
  • Emphasizes the role of international cooperation in the making of a modern geographical imagination.

Chapter 1. Introduction.- Part 1: Geography as International Science: Historical Perspectives on the IGU.- Chapter 2. nternationalising Geography, 1871-1945.- Chapter 3. The International Geographical Union in the Post War Period.- Chapter 4. Internationalization of Geography in the Bipolar World: Socialist Countries During the Cold War.- Chapter 5. The International Circulation and Dissemination of Geographical Concepts and Ideas.– Chapter 6. ‚The International‘ in Geography: Concepts, Actors, Challenges.- Chapter 7. Internationalization in the International Geographical Union: Landmarks, Periods and Personalities.- Part 2: The Challenges of International Geography.- Chapter 8. The Challenges of International Geography.- Chapter 9. To Be or not to Be International: Geographic Knowledge, Globalization and the Question of Languages.- Chapter 10. Geography and International Education.- Chapter 11. The ‚North – South‘ Problem in Geography.- Chapter 12. Gender and International Geography.- Part 3: International Geography in the 21st Century: A Dream Discipline .- Chapter 13. Interactions of Geography with Other Natural and Social Sciences and the Humanities.- Chapter 14. Global Understanding: A New Geographical Paradigm for the 21st Century?.- Chapter 15. Geography and Environmental Issues.- Chapter 16. Geography and the Information Society.- Chapter 17. Geography and Social Issues. – Chapter 18. Geography and Social Issues