2015, Publikationen

Patrick Pasture (2015): Imagining European Unity since 1000 AD. Palgrave Macmillan: Houndsmill.

European unity is a dream that has appealed to the imagination since the Middle Ages. Its motives have varied from a longing for peace to a deep-rooted abhorrence of diversity, as well as a yearning to maintain Europe’s colonial dominance. This book offers a multifaceted history that takes in account the European imagination in a global context.


  • ‘Peace for Our Time’: The European Quest for Peace

    Pages 1-10

  • Peace in Christendom?

    Pages 11-31

  • Enlightenment, Revolution and the Evaporating Dream of a Perpetual Peace

    Pages 32-48

  • Peace during the Concert

    Pages 49-61

  • Between Empire, Market and Nation

    Pages 62-88

  • The Long War

    Pages 89-118

  • Hope and Deception

    Pages 119-156

  • Pacification by Division

    Pages 157-184

  • Epilogue: The EC’s Colonial Empire

    Pages 185-195

  • Conclusion: In Search of European Unity

    Pages 196-205