INHIGEO Conference 2022. Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, France. 16th – 26th September 2022.

The Comité français d’Histoire de la Géologie (COFRHIGEO) will organize the 2022 INHIGEO Congress in France, from September 16th to September 26th, 2022, in southwestern France. The main venue of the congress will be Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, a picturesque village in the Vézère Valley, otherwise known for its National Museum of Prehistory, its many prehistoric sites and decorated caves (Lascaux, Cro-Magnon, La Madeleine, Font de Gaume, Les Combarelles, etc.).

The village of Les Eyzies de Tayac is in the heart of an active tourist region with many accommodation offers at reasonable prices. The village is also well served by train from the city of Bordeaux.

Conference talks and poster sessions will take place at the Pôle International de Préhistoire of Les Eyzies, from September 17th to 21st, 2022. The 5-day conference will include four days of talks and scientific activities, and one-day excursion in the Vézère Valley (Lascaux IV, Le Grand Roc, Laugerie Haute & Laugerie Basse).

The main scientific themes will be:

  • Geology and Prehistoric archaeology, the geology of caves, History of Quaternary geology.
  • History of Miocene geology, since the region includes the Burdigalian and Aquitanian stratotypes;
  • Other sessions of the conference will cover all subjects related to the history of geosciences.

In addition, pre- and post-conference excursions, subject to independent pricing and organization, will be planned:

  • Pre-conference excursion, from Poitiers to Les Eyzies (September 16th): The impact sites of Chassenon-Rochechouart resulted from the fall of an asteroid in Triassic times. Molten and brecciated rocks, observed by Desmaret in 1773, were long taken for volcanic rocks, and remained a geological enigma until the 1960s, when the impact origin was recognized.
  • Post-conference excursion, from Les Eyzies to the Quercy region and to  Bordeaux (September 22st to 26th): The Vézère Valley sites, other prehistoric caves further south, in Périgord and Quercy (Pech Merle and Cougnac caves), will be visited. The excursion will end with the Miocene sites of the Bordeaux region: Sainte-Croix-du-Mont (studied since 1620); the Saucats and La Brède Natural Geological Reserve (Burdigalian and Aquitanian stratotypes, Montesquieu’s house). Some Bordeaux vineyards and cellars, and notably the Bordeaux Wine Museum, will also be on the program.

The Conference program will be supervised by a Scientific committee, chaired by Philippe Taquet, former president of the INHIGEO and current president of the COFRHIGEO. The material organization (pregistrations, financial management) will be entrusted to an Organizing committee, chaired by Claudine Cohen and Pascal Richet. It will benefit from several sponsorships and the services of the association Naturalia et Biologia. The abstract and excursion booklets, written in English, will be published in digital formats, and if possible, in hard copy.

After a year of pandemic, we invite you with great pleasure to come to Les Eyzies for a congress which will be the occasion to meet again and to visit interesting sites in a pleasant region.

Conference website: www.inhigeo.com/france2022

Email address: france2022@inhigeo.com


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