15th International „ERBE“ Symposium. Cultural Heritage in Geosciences, Mining and Metallurgy – Libraries -Archives- Museums, Eggenburg (Austria), 13th – 20th June 2020

General Topic:
• The importance of archives, museums and collections for development of the the earth sciences
• Various topics on the history of earth science, mining science and metallurgy

Intended presentation and poster topics:
• Natural and cultural heritage of geology, mining and metallurgy in view of sustainable
development and mobility.
• Exchange of geological, mining and metallurgical knowledge between different European and
non-European countries or regions (important personalities, institutions and companies
until the end of the 19th century).
• Natural and geological heritage, cultural landscapes, industrial architecture, industrial machinery
and equipment and technological processes as potential sustainable development.
• The digitization of geological, mining and metallurgical heritage such as maps, plans, drawings,
land registers, documents, pictures and photos.
• Intangible heritage in geology, mining and metallurgy: knowledge, inventions, skills, customs, …
• The introduction of technological and technological innovations takes the knowledge and
behavior of previous practices to the fore. Different working habits and practices, both the
community and the individual, are associated with it.
• Language and terminology are a special component of the intangible cultural heritage
characteristic of individual linguistic or national communities. Preservation of field names,
designation of work processes, employees and machines are rich in linguistic diversity and
at the same time show the presence of individual activities in space and time.

Saturday, June 13, 2020:
Conference Office: from 16:00 in the Krahuletz Museum
from 6 pm „Cometogether“ in the Krahuletz Museum
Arrival: by car travel time from Vienna approx. 1:20 hours, by train from Vienna Franz-Josefs-station
approx. 1:10 hours
Possibly (with sufficient interest): chargeable shuttle from Vienna airport and Vienna) [bus or minibus] and
arrival in Eggenburg in time for Cometogether in the Krahuletz Museum.

Sunday, June 14, 2020:
9:00 – 10:00 Conference office in the Krahuletz Museum
10:00 Pre-excusion: (partly by bus) Eggenburg and the surrounding area
(Departure at the Krahuletz Museum)
Zogelsdorf: visit of the public-quarry and the stonemason-museum
Maissau: Amethystwelt: Tour of the Amethystjoint (Guided tour Amethystwelt)
Grafenberg / Stoizendorf: „Kogel“-stones and „Fehdenhaube“ guided tour (see
12:30 Lunch in Eggenburg?
15:00 Start (on foot) at the Krahuletz Museum Geotop tour on the topic:
„The sea level is rising“ – The concept of sea level fluctuations developed by Eduard
Suess is based on the deposits of the „Eggenburger Sea“
17:00 Short city tour

Monday, June 15, 2020:
9:00 opening, greetings
9:30 Lectures / Coffee break / Lectures
12:30 lunch break
14:30 Lectures / Coffee break / Lectures
19:00 Reception of the mayor, ceremony
Tuesday, June 16, 2020:
9:00 lectures / coffee break / lectures
12:30 lunch
14:30 Lectures / Coffee break / Lectures
17:00 / 18:00 Visit to the Krahuletz Museum
<ca 20:30 internal meeting of the International ERBE Committee with Local Committee>

Wednesday, June 17, 2020:
8:00 s.t. Bus excursion, departure at the Krahuletz Museum:
9:00 Oister reef Teiritzberg Fossil World Guided tour: Mathias Harzhauser
11:30 Lunch: Heuriger / Stetten
13:30 “ Diversified tour of the extensive display collection of the Natural History Museum Vienna “
Guided tour: Mathias Harzhauser, Vera M.F. Hammer, Robert Pils, Brigitta Schmid:
16:00 Departure from the Natural History Museum Vienna
17:00: On the way back to Eggenburg short visit of the Romanesque church Schöngrabern: Reliefs:
sandstone of the Laa Formation
17:45 Arrival Eggenburg

Thursday, June 18, 2020:
9:00 lectures / coffee break / lectures
12:00 short poster presentations.
12:30 lunch
14:30 Lectures / Coffee break / Lectures
followed by a review of the conference (final discussion) and, if necessary, votes on symposium
places 2022 2024 and, if necessary, voting on amendments to the statutes
17:00: City tour „Historic Eggenburg“ (then shared meal / wine tavern)


Friday, June 19, 2020:
Geological – cultural historical foray into the Wachau (Eggenburg-Willendorf, Melk …)
8:00 s.t. Departure: Bus excursion
9:00 Willendorf, museum and site of the Venus of Willendorf (Upper Palaeolithic)
10:00 Melk guided tour (Mag. Bernadette Kalteis and others), tour of the library (with relevant works on
the subject of the symposium), the collegiate church and the normally inaccessible Baroque mineral
approx. 13:00 Lunch in Aggsbach/Dorf
Aggsbach former garnet mining
Mautern (Roman fort, Roman museum) archaeological excavations, StiftGöttweig, place of birth from
important botanist: Anton Joseph Kerner, Knight of Marilaun
Krems: short visit of the medieval town http://www.krems.gv.at/Kultur/Geschichte_Stadtrundgang
~ 18: 00/19: 00 return Eggenburg

Saturday, June 20, 2020:
Post-Excursion (departure of the bus at the Krahuletz Museum):
Rocks and historic mines in the northern Waldviertel:
Reinprechtspölla („Schwedenkreuz“) quarry of the Weingartner family; Natural stone works, extraction of
basic mineral raw materials mainly Bittescher gneiss; manual mining and splitting of the plates
Kalkofen Unterthumeritz, „Thumeritzer Saaß“ dates from 1839/40
Röhrenbach (graphite), historically significant raw materials graphite and marble, which was mined in the
vicinity of the town of Horn up to the 20th century (deposits are also mineral sites)
Lunch: St. Marein
Stiefern: gneiss-quarry: mill-stones/mill-stones-production
Mühldorf (graphite), the Mühldorf Mining was demonstrably operated from 1832 to 1968. The graphite
deposit, on which the mining is based, belongs to the slate gneisses, which, starting at the Danube,
extend through the whole Waldviertel and on to the north of Moravia.
Limberg (granite), mining in a large quarry; processing at the factory.
Finish (possibly): drive to Straning: vineyard tour, cellar tour, vintner

Sunday, June 21, 2020: Departure:
if necessary shuttle bus1 to Vienna and Vienna Airport, departure Eggenburg approx. 8:00;
if desired, please report soon as possible!
Place of the conference and lectures:
The conference will take place in the Krahuletz-Museum, (http://www.krahuletzmuseum.at/) and the
lectures at municipality of Eggenburg from Saturday, 13 June to Saturday, 20 June 2020.

latest 31 January 2020: Binding registration for the symposium = payment of the
conference fee
no later than January 31, 2020: Announcement of lecture or poster titles
no later than April 15, 2020: Submission of abstracts (by e-mail to erbe.symposium@gmail.com
<For instructions, see the supplement 1 >
30 October 2020 at the latest, submission of contributions to the Proceedings requested
<Size: including illustrations up to 10 pages – detailed instructions will follow later>.

Lectures in GERMAN and ENGLISH possible, abstracts in ENGLISH obligatory, in GERMAN optional,
other languages only possible in consultation with the Organizing Committee.

Participants: € 100 .–, students € 70 .– The conference fee includes the conference documents with
the abstracts and the proceedings tape, all coffee breaks and receptions. The cost of the buses
during the excursions is not included; € 30.- must be transferred per excursion or paid in cash at the
latest upon receipt of the conference documents. Excursion prices do not include meals (lunch).
Accompanying persons pay € 80.– and, if applicable, the excursion fees (€ 30.– each). Reductions
or subsidies for some participants are requested.
Recipient: „ERBE-SYMPOSIUM“ RAIKA-Eggenburg, BLZ 32123
IBAN: AT51 3212 3000 0006 2570
Purpose: ERBE conference fee / excursions
At the conference office only cash payment
1 if wished (similar transport like June 13 2020); depending even the departures of flights Vienna Schwechat

email erbe.symposium@gmail.com
WEB-site: https://www.erbe-symposium.org
Facebook: International ERBE-Symposium 2020 Eggenburg
Postadress: ERBE-Symposium, z.Hd. Dr. Christoph Hauser, Marxergasse 30/43, Austria, EU

If you are interested, please register as soon as possible, you will receive then the further information.
Changes in the program and the course of the excursions, even at short notice, are reserved.
The abstracts and proceedings are after printing also available on the internet.