2019, Publikationen

Trevor J. Barnes and Eric Sheppard (Hrsg.) (2019): Spatial Histories of Radical Geography: North America and Beyond . John Wiley & Sons: Holboken.

A wide-ranging and knowledgeable guide to the history of radical geography in North America and beyond.

  • Includes contributions from an international group of scholars
  • Focuses on the centrality of place, spatial circulation and geographical scale in understanding the rise of radical geography and its spread
  • A celebration of radical geography from its early beginnings in the 1950s through to the 1980s, and after
  • Draws on oral histories by leaders in the field and private and public archives
  • Contains a wealth of never-before published historical material
  • Serves as both authoritative introduction and indispensable professional reference

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Notes on Contributors

Series Editor’s Preface


Trevor J. Barnes and Eric Sheppard

Part I Radical geography within North America

1. Issues of ‘Race’ and Early Radical Geography: Our invisible proponents
Audrey Kobayashi

2. Myths, Cults, Memories, and Revisions in Radical Geographic History: Revisiting the Detroit Geographical Expedition and Institute
Gwendolyn C. Warren, Cindi Katz, and Nik Heynen

3. Radical Paradoxes: The making of Antipode at Clark University
Matthew T. Huber, Chris Knudson, and Renee Tapp

4. A ‘necessary stop on the circuit’: Radical geography at Simon Fraser University
Nik Blomley and Eugene McCann

5. The Life and Times of the Union of Socialist Geographers
Linda Peake

6. Baltimore as Truth Spot: David Harvey, Johns Hopkins and urban activism
Eric Sheppard and Trevor J. Barnes

7. Berkeley in-between: Radicalizing economic geography
Jamie Peck and Trevor J. Barnes

8. Radical Geography in the Upper Midwest
Mickey Lauria, Bryan Higgins, Mark Bouman, Kent Mathewson, Trevor J. Barnes and Eric Sheppard

9. Radical geography goes Francophone
Juan-Luis Klein

Part II Radical geography beyond North America

10. Japan: The Yada faction versus North American radical geography
Fujio Mizuoka

11. The Rise and Decline of Radical Geography in South Africa
Brij Maharaj

12. The Geographies of Critical Geography: The development of critical geography in Mexico
Verónica Crossa

13. ‘Let’s here [sic] it for the Brits, You help us here’: North American radical geography and British radical geography education
Joanne Norcup

14. ‘Can these words, commonly applied to the Anglo-Saxon social sciences, fit the French?’ Circulation, translation and reception of radical geography in the French academic context
Yann Calbérac

Eric Sheppard and Trevor J. Barnes