Religion, Mobility and Co-spatiality in Cities, Antwerpen, 02.09.2020 – 05.09.2020.

Call for Papers – Main session at the European Association of Urban History (EAUH) Conference in Antwerp, 2–5 September 2020

M-MOV-3 – Religion, Mobility and Co-spatiality in Cities

Urban space is characterized by multiple overlapping spaces, created by the imaginations and use of space and complicated by the movement of different people and groups. Religion offers an interesting lens into this phenomenon, as it is as much a technique to mark out space by ritual usages, ephemeral or lasting sacralisations of space, as it is a cultural technique to imagine and perform the transgression of concrete space with a view to divine addressees etc. Thus, its use of space is very different from other uses of spaces. Hence, it is conflicting or has the potential of being instrumentalised for different purposes.
The organisers particularly welcome case studies European, Mediterranean and Asian cities of all epochs on double or parallel uses and interpretation of space, especially when they are caused by religious groups.

A theoretical input on the concept of co-spatiality is also welcome. Paper proposals may further consider ….
– Simultaneums of churches / simultaneous use of temples by different groups
– appropriation of urban space by religious migrants
– processions
– sacred places in present metropolises
– architectural space and sacred metaphors

Guidelines for paper proposals:
– All paper proposals should be submitted through the EAUH2020 website (by 1 October 2019: https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/conferences/eauh2020/papers/call-for-papers/).
– These papers will be forwarded to the session organizers who will carry out the selection procedure.
– Each paper proposal has one main (first) author, EAUH2020 will only communicate towards this person.
– Up to three co-authors are allowed.
– Allthough it is possible to submit more than one paper proposal, each main author can only present one paper during the conference.
– A list of multiple paper proposal entries by one main author will be provided to the session spokespersons who are responsable for preventing multiple paper presentations by one main author.
– Notification of papers acceptance: 1 December 2019.
– Deadline for full text submissions: 15 August 2020.


Susanne Rau

Universität Erfurt