Geographies of Identities and Imaginations. International Symposium on the History of Geographical Thought. University College Dublin, Belfield (Dublin, Ireland), 10-12 July 2019

Although inserted in the programme of the periodical symposia organised by the IGU Commission on the History of Geography, this conference is also designed as a tribute to Anne Buttimer (1938-2017), one of the first cofounders and inspirations of our Commission and an international leading figure in geography. Buttimer’s archives were bequeathed to UCD School of Geography, where they are the core of ongoing and projected scholarly endeavours. Therefore, the research problematics addressed by Buttimer, like ethics and values in geography, the importance of life experiences and the cultural implications of the relations between humans and environments among others will be the main focus of the symposium. Additionally, some of the topics that Buttimer addressed, such as the geographical invention of national identities and imaginations, are very important for present-day scholarly and political debates in Ireland, given that 2019 falls in the middle of the period 2016-2022, that is the second part of the ‘decade of centenaries’, commemorating the steps which led to Irish independence and resonating with current discussions on geographies of anti-colonialism. Therefore, we especially welcome contributions on:

  • Geographies of nation building and of the invention of national identities and traditions
  • National, regional, transnational and supranational geographical imaginations
  • Geographies of (‘internal’ and ‘external’) colonialism
  • Geographies of anti-colonialism
  • Historical geographies of Ireland and of the ‘British Isles’
  • Biography, autobiography and geography
  • Geographies of lived spaces and life worlds
  • Humans and environments
  • Critical and humanistic approaches to geography
  • Ethics and values in geography
  • Sources in historical geography and the history of geography: between oral histories and archives
  • Any other topic in the history of geography (to be included in open sessions)

Abstract Submission: please submit an abstract (of not more than 250 words) along with your name, institutional

Affiliation and email address to federico.ferretti@ucd.ie and arlene.crampsie@ucd.ie by December 14th 2018.

Decisions on successful abstracts will be communicated to potential presenters in early 2019 and the final programme will be circulated once confirmed. Symposium Languages: English and French (with PowerPoint presentation in the other language appreciated, especially in the case of presentation in French, a language not necessarily familiar to members of the local public)

IGU Commission on the History of Geography: http://web.univ-pau.fr/RECHERCHE/UGIHG/