2020, Publikationen

Martin Mahony and Samuel Randalls (2020): Weather, Climate, and the Geographical Imagination : Placing Atmospheric Knowledges, University of Pittsburgh Press: Ann Arbor, Michigan.

As global temperatures rise under the forcing hand of humanity&;s greenhouse gas emissions, new questions are being asked of how societies make sense of their weather, of the cultural values, which are afforded to climate, and of how environmental futures are imagined, feared, predicted, and remade. Weather, Climate, and Geographical Imagination contributes to this conversation by bringing together a range of voices from history of science, historical geography, and environmental history, each speaking to a set of questions about the role of space and place in the production, circulation, reception, and application of knowledges about weather and climate. The volume develops the concept of &;geographical imagination&; to address the intersecting forces of scientific knowledge, cultural politics, bodily experience, and spatial imaginaries, which shape the history of knowledges about climate.