Assistant Professor (Non-Tenured Track) / Ricercatore (RTD-A) in *Early-Modern History of the Earth Sciences, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Deadline: October 29, 2020 at 12:00 (Venicetime)

The Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is presently looking for an Assistant Professor (Non-Tenured Track) / Ricercatore (RTD-A) with an outstanding scholarly profile in the following research areas of the FARE/ERC endeavor:

*Early-Modern History of the Earth Sciences: with a particular focus on the intellectual and
practical contexts of geology, as connected with cosmological thought;

*Early-Modern Institutional History: Early-modern history of scientific practices and their sociopolitical

The position will also be connected with part-time teaching duties in the history of science (one
module of 30 hours per year).

Deadline: October 29, 2020 at 12:00 (Venicetime)

to apply: https://apps.unive.it/domandeconcorso-en/accesso/rtda-2020msto05
Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage, Ca’ Foscari University, position in history of science
(11/C2 – M-STO/05).
ERC project link: unive.it/earlymoderncosmology

Research endeavor
“Positioned Cosmology in Early Modernity: The Geo-Praxis of Water-and-Land Management in
Venice” (Principal Investigator: Pietro Daniel Omodeo) explores the cosmological embedment of
geological praxis in early modernity by focusing on the ‘water city’, Venice, as a case study
for the comprehension of the relationship between nature and civilization in the light of
fundamental questions that have been raised by the ongoing debates on the
Anthropocene on the consequences of the geological definition of a new age marked by the
anthropic transformation of the earth-system as a whole: Can we write a history of scientific
knowledge based on the transformative interplay of nature and culture? What are the
epistemological consequences of a historico-political inquiry into the co-evolution of
knowledge and territory? The political economy of a water city like Venice constitutes an
emblematic case for the reassessment of such questions in the longuedurée. A series of
closely interconnected historical studies address the cosmological bearing of transformative geopraxis.
“Institutions and Metaphysics of Cosmology in the Epistemic Networks of Seventeenth-Century
Europe” (Principal Investigator: Pietro Daniel Omodeo) is a comparative inquiry into earlymodern
cosmologies and related scientific debates in their institutional, political, religious and
ideological settings.

Research profile of the candidate
We seek a scholar with a strong research commitment, an outstanding portfolio of international
publications, and a proven teaching record in the field associated with the post. The candidate
preferably holds a PhD degree in the history of science, institutional history, cultural historyor related

Preference will be accorded to candidates with a research agenda relevant tothe above mentioned
three areas of inquiry.
We look forward to receiving applications from scholars of all nationalities. Preference will be given to
applicants who have published substantial contributions to a field of interest to the FARE/ERC


The candidates are invited to include the documents indicated on the University’s official
in their application:
– a letter of motivation,
– Curriculum Vitae with list of publications,
– two letters of reference,
– a digital copy of the applicant’s PhD thesis in the form of a PDF,
– publications,
– a research project*
– administrative documentation (as indicated in the official website).
(*) not mandatory
Applications should be submitted in English until October 29, 2020, at 12:00 (Venice time); the
interviews will also take place in English.

The researchers are expected to conduct their research in Venice. They will collaborate with fellow
team members toward project goals and develop an original and independent research project within
the FARE/ERC endeavor.
Further responsibilities include:
– contributing to the research in the project areas in a substantial manner,
– co-organizing conferences and editing or co-editing the proceedings,
– helping to tutor PhD students,
– academic teaching (one class per year),
– regularly attending the meetings of the research group,
– contributing to its activities (e.g., workshops, symposia and conference sessions), contributing to its activities (e.g., workshops, symposia and conference sessions),
– presenting and discussing one’s own research at the meetings of the ERC
– contributing to the success of the endeavor with academic publications,
– presenting at international conferences.

We offer
● a three-year academic position at a prestigious university in an exceptional cultural setting,
● a unique early career opportunity,
● a unique research experience in the framework of a stimulating international environment.

Travel support for research as well as for domestic and international conferences (2-3 per year).

Contact information for the application
For any questions do not hesitate to contact us:
ERC project manager, Silvia Bellacicco: silvia.bellacicco@unive.it
Administrative Secretary (Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage): ricerca.fbc@unive.it
For enquiries relative to the application procedure: pdoc.concorsi@unive.it
FARE/ERC Principal Investigator, Pietro Daniel Omodeo: